Saturday, October 22, 2005

Freed My Data

Finally I have un-installed M$ Office and installed OpenOffice which has reached stable 2.0 version. The beta version was under test on PC for some time and once the stable version is released I said to myself yes this is the time to end the usage of M$ Office, freeing my data from M$'s proprietary format.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

BSNL Broad Band Troubles

Recently my BSNL Broad Band started giving me problem. The problem is that the modem never gets on to the ADSL line. If it does also it takes long time like 30 mins, 1 hr, 1 day! I reported this to the BSNL guys who doesn't seem to have any clue. Also I found that some other people also having the same problem.

After almost a week of uncertainty I decided to find any new firmware for my modem Huawei SmartX MT880, which may fix this problem. I found one on this thread, which I downloaded and upgraded. But the result is same.

As I was browsing through the modem options through its web interface I stumble across new option given by the new firmware called ADSL Settings under which I found sub-option called ADSL Modulation which is set to ADSL2+. Now I remembered that some one suggesting to set to G.DMT to fix my kind of problem in the same firmware thread. So i tried it and I can tell you that it is the fix for it. Modem is now comes up as usual whenever I switch it on. I hope BSNL guys are listening!

Friday, October 14, 2005

Block 222

If you are a AirTel user and you have been spammed with lot of promotional SMSs and some times automated calls then just send the word block to 222 and hope for the best. I seriously need rule based filters for SMSs and incoming calls even on low end mobiles.