Sunday, July 10, 2005

Pragya's Day out

It has been two days since Pragya got her new Kinetic Nova 135. I decided to get her a helmet without any delay so we agreed to look for it on Saturday. I know we have to go to Lalbaugh for a good choice of helmets but I wanted to give a try around Indiranagar. She is enthusiastic to go on her new bike to which I gladly agreed.

We started off at home at around 1pm, had lunch at Tippasandra then we went to check with Hero Honda showroom guy on Inner ring road (near my main office). That guy didn't had any thing which suites ladies. So the only choice is to go to Lalbaugh. I asked Pragya does she want to go bike or should we take the car. She said she is fine with going on bike.

We started off our journey to Lalbaug going through Airport road and finally reached MTR. I know that there are lot of shops at Lalbaugh where we get helmets but I never noticed that there are shops only selling helmets. We walked into the first shop, those guys are very hospitable towards us and there a lady attendant to attend ladies. She showed us couple of helmets and demonstrated how to wear them etc. Finally we bought one for 675/-. I was very much impressed by their attitude towards customers although they are selling an item whose average price is around 500/- bucks.

Then I told Pragya that I want to go to MG Road. I told her that I heard a bout a Magazine store opened near the start of Church Street where you get all international magazines and back copies are very cheap. I also had intention of going to Planet M to see what they got of Carlos Santana, new artist in my listing list (Started trying out new artists once I got iPod) which I didn’t reveal to her.

We drove towards MG Road and finally able to find some parking at the end of Church Street. It was hot and we drove enough distance, so we hoped into Java City had some cold coffee. Then we walked in to English Edition which is exactly opposite to Java City. There I found Murder of Roger Ackroyd, the book I am looking for some time. Then we started a walk towards Brigade Road. When we reached Ameba we found a book store which sells only old books called Blossoms. Looks like it is started newly but this guy have a huge collection spread over 3 floors. We spent some time roming all the 3 floors.

Once we came out of the store Pragya wanted to have Ice Gola (guy is selling right outside the book store). As usual I said go ahead and have it. She bought a Kali Khatta. We sat on the steps of the book store and she started enjoying the gola. Suddenly she said you don't know how to enjoy nicer things in life. I certainly agreed to her point, yes I am like that probably the way I have been grown up as a child. She also told me that it is most selling flavor of gola. Once she has finished her goal we walked towards Planet M.

After looking around in Planet M I found the albums I was looking for of Santana. Then went to their PS2 section (it my usual habit to check what they got). I found that they got platinum version of Jak 3. This game is not my list at least for a while so finally I decided to leave. Then Pragya came in and want to buy a game! She is bored off playing Sly 2. I am not surprised as the Sly series is such that even it made her addicted to games :-). She want to buy a game so I said try out Jak 3 she said fine and as she was flipping through the rest of the boxes I suddenly spotted highly acclaimed God of War, which is on my list at the top. I was waiting for its release in Europe which is officially on 8th July. It looks like Milestone guys brought it here by 8th itself. I had no choice but to buy.

Then we are on our way back to home and reached home by 8pm. It was very tiring for both of us. I never seen Pragya driving before, she says she drove Kinetic Honda in Ahmedabad for several years and traffic there is no better than Bangalore. But after seeing her driving in Bangalore almost 30km I can say is very good in handling the two wheeler. I am very much ashamed to say I can not drive two wheeler on roads like her.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Wired Windoz Errors

Windows as usual is mysterious. I have been facing this strange error for long time.

Problem: I am unable to delete any file on C: drive.

It pops up an error saying Can not find the specified path. Strange isn't it?

Initially I thought some thing must have gone wrong badly with Windows installation, and lived with it for long time as I could delete the files in M$-DOS mode. Finally the reason for this seems to be very simple one. Basically Recycle Bin is corrupted on that drive for whatever reason. The fix for this is here.

The other problem I recently faced is that whenever I right click on any file the context menu doesn't come up and windows explorer hangs. Again mysterious, this time the reason for this is a badly coded context menu handler.

You would have noticed lot of applications must have added their presence in context menu when right click on file or folder. Now if some application installs a bad context menu handler you will experience a delayed context menu popup or a total hang. The solution for this is to find which application’s context handler is causing the problem and disable that handler. This process is some what tedious. You can find a complete solution here. In my case DivX was the culprit.