Saturday, November 28, 2009

HOWTO: Coustom DNS Settings with GaTi V0.6 Beta1

Netgear firmware 1.02.19 has a problem that you can not set coustom DNS settings. If you miss this feature with GaTi firmware use following procedure to set the settings (OpenDNS servers are used in the example)

1) Enable Telnet in the left side menu (UberGT->Telnet settings) then reboot the router
2) Telnet to the router i.e telnet
3) Login using your web admin password and user as root
4) You will have shell prompt
5) Now set DNS first server IP address issuing following command
nvram set wan_dns1=
6) Now set DNS second server IP address by issuing following command
nvram set wan_dns2=
7) Now enable custom DNS settings by issuing the following command
nvram set wan_fix_dns=1
8) Now reboot your router and verify that your DNS settings working or not

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