Monday, June 27, 2005

Broad Band

Finally BSNL Data One is up at home. Speed is very decent considering the price at which BSNL is giving this service.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Yon Yoined!

Few days back at office we were discussing about managers of our US partner, during which couple of guys remembered Mr. Yon from their previous project. I said his name sounds funny. Then one of the guys said his name is Jon and said can you guess why he is called Yon? I said no I can't. The guy said that’s how he pronounces his name. Then I said why is it so? He said because he is Swedish and Swedish pronounce J as Y. I didn't know about this before. Then he goes on telling the real incident about Mr. Yon [try to guess at this point you already have the clue!].

A tele-conference is going on for the status of the project involving people across various continents. Mr. Yon is the only one who hasn't joined conference and the conference is under way. At some point of time a small beep comes out of the speaker indicating some one joined the call and the person didn't announce, so a Swedish manager asked Who yoined? then a cracking answer comes out the speaker saying Yon yoined. The guy also told me Mr. Yon had lot of Yunk mail problem also.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Back again! - Part I

It has been a long time since some thing showed up on this blog. I was just too busy with work and life. I am going to write about things happened in life from my last post here.

I was very busy preparing for my business trip to US towards the end of April. It is the first time I ever crossed Indian boarders. Trip started off on a scary note as the taxi guy gave hand and didn't show up in time to go to airport (Bangalore). Finally managed to reach airport some what late but got to travel business class to Mumbai as Jet guys over booked their economy class by that time.

Once I got off the place in Mumbai and got into the bus to go to the terminal, that time I realized that person sitting next to me is Prof. Dhande. I introduced myself to him and told him that I did teaching assistance for him(under graduate Computer Graphics course). Now he is the director of IIT - Kanpur. We talked till we reached the terminal and said good-bye to each other.

My next hop was Amsterdam, Schiphol airport. I slept most of the time during the flight and reached AMS by morning (AMS time). I had a good amount time to spend for my next flight to Boston so I romed around Schiphol looking in various shops they got there. I found GT4 UK version in one of the see-buy-fly electronics shop so I bought it. Then I had some coffee and then took some rest in their conformable seats (long stretched seats for short sleep & comfort).

Finally boarded the plane to Boston at around noon. I was not getting sleep and so I tried the in flight entertainment system. It was not working properly so the flight attendant did a reset of the whole system. That time I found that it uses Linux as I saw Debian booting screen. After the reset also it was not working properly, movie names display are different from what the actual movie played when select a movie so I never bothered about looking all movies. Suddenly I saw a guy two rows in front was watching The Incredibles. I wanted to see this movie for a long time so started a fight with the entertainment system to figure out where is this movie (under which name it is hidden). Finally I got it and started watching. By the time movie ended it was time to land in Boston airport.