Saturday, July 02, 2005

Wired Windoz Errors

Windows as usual is mysterious. I have been facing this strange error for long time.

Problem: I am unable to delete any file on C: drive.

It pops up an error saying Can not find the specified path. Strange isn't it?

Initially I thought some thing must have gone wrong badly with Windows installation, and lived with it for long time as I could delete the files in M$-DOS mode. Finally the reason for this seems to be very simple one. Basically Recycle Bin is corrupted on that drive for whatever reason. The fix for this is here.

The other problem I recently faced is that whenever I right click on any file the context menu doesn't come up and windows explorer hangs. Again mysterious, this time the reason for this is a badly coded context menu handler.

You would have noticed lot of applications must have added their presence in context menu when right click on file or folder. Now if some application installs a bad context menu handler you will experience a delayed context menu popup or a total hang. The solution for this is to find which application’s context handler is causing the problem and disable that handler. This process is some what tedious. You can find a complete solution here. In my case DivX was the culprit.


At 7/04/2005 5:52 PM, Blogger  said...

What happens when you delete by command line? Do you get a popup box there too? It'll be funny if windows shows you an error message on a popup box in response to a command line :-)

At 7/06/2005 11:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmm.. Subhash, i guess its time to move to Linux. By the way I heard Xandros Linux distro is beautiful. Have you ever tried it ? -> Kabeer Ahmed.


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