Friday, June 17, 2005

Yon Yoined!

Few days back at office we were discussing about managers of our US partner, during which couple of guys remembered Mr. Yon from their previous project. I said his name sounds funny. Then one of the guys said his name is Jon and said can you guess why he is called Yon? I said no I can't. The guy said that’s how he pronounces his name. Then I said why is it so? He said because he is Swedish and Swedish pronounce J as Y. I didn't know about this before. Then he goes on telling the real incident about Mr. Yon [try to guess at this point you already have the clue!].

A tele-conference is going on for the status of the project involving people across various continents. Mr. Yon is the only one who hasn't joined conference and the conference is under way. At some point of time a small beep comes out of the speaker indicating some one joined the call and the person didn't announce, so a Swedish manager asked Who yoined? then a cracking answer comes out the speaker saying Yon yoined. The guy also told me Mr. Yon had lot of Yunk mail problem also.


At 6/20/2005 2:24 PM, Blogger  said...

Now I know your name is actually "Subhash Chandra J" ...

Funny story.


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