Thursday, January 20, 2005

WinRAR Vs WinAce

I always liked WinAce for its excellent compression compared to any others. Recently on steam forums some one talked about backing up steam files on to optical media using WinRAR. Though I have faith in WinAce but I have not used WinRAR for ages so I thought it might have improved, so I decided to test the two.
  • Task - Compressing Valve Steam Game files
  • Size - 6.03GB
  • Compression settings - Highest
    • Compression - Best
    • Solid Archive - Yes
    • Dictionary Size - 4096
    • Use Content specific compression - Yes
    • File split - CD-R 700MB
  • WinAce v2.5
  • Total Files generated - 5
  • Last File size - 4.87MB
  • Total compressed size - 2.74GB
  • WinRAR v3.42
  • Total Files generate - 5
  • Last File size - 88.6MB
  • Total compressed size - 2.82GB
WinAce - WinRAR = 83.73MB
Considering the amount of data being compressed WinRAR is quite close to WinAce and WinAce seems to pull out little more in my various other tests also.


At 1/25/2005 2:30 PM, Blogger  said...

So more or less they are equivalent. Is any of them have its source open? Do they use any standard algorithm or their own? I generally think in terms of gzip or bzip2, so how do these compare with winrar/winace?


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