Wednesday, December 22, 2004

HL2 Photography Contest

There is a HL2 Photography contest announced on Steam forums. Though it was for fun I took it as bit serious so I am planning to submit my entries. Here I am listing all of the screen shots I have taken so far, I am not including the screen shots I have posted already in previous posts (refer to them also). I have given each screen shot of HL2 on this Blog an ID, so that referring to them will be easy. Let me know which 3 entries you think I should choose? Entries in my mind are

1) B1, C6, C10
2) B1, C13, C17
3) C18, C12, C4
4) C9, A5, C15
5) C14, C11, C3
6) … Damn I am quite confused please help me

(C1) First sighting of Strider

(C2) Dead man water reflection

(C3) Good lighting effect

(C4) Another Lighting effect

(C5) Chopper first time close view

(C6) Combie soldier who dropped dead in place

(C7) Just out of train station

(C8) Fun ride continues

(C9) Alex does a surprise jump

(C10) Chopper chasing you

(C11) Head on with the chopper

(C12) Bullets through Water

(C13) Alex kissing her father after teleport

(C14) Never ending sky scraper is it your destination Gordon?

(C15) Nice reflection floor

(C16) First blood

(C17) Victim of a crow bar

(C18) Combie Attacking

(C19) Bird flying off from the roof

It is a long list and also it must have taken some time for you to load. I am giving credit to ImageShack by saying Thanks to ImageShack for Free Image Hosting.


At 12/24/2004 11:56 AM, Blogger  said...

3) C18, C12, C4 is a good combo I guess.


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