Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Do glasses really disguise people?

Today when I reached home switched on TV to see Tehelka's sting operation related to Zaheera's case. It tuned to last viewed channel which happens to be pogo. At that time Wonder Women was coming. I was never interested in wonder women because it looked to me some what silly and most of all I hate her dress. I call her women in her undies.

This time unlike other appearances she was in a civil dress (disguised character). When I saw her I said to my self why every other super hero who has disguised character wears glasses?

- Peter Parker (Spiderman)
- Clank (Superman)
- ????? (Wonder Women) [Read the link it has got interesting info about wonder women]

I certainly think that glasses only help in disguising only when you try to disguise other aspects of your appearance.


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