Thursday, December 16, 2004

You have commited a sin Gordon, your suite's AUX power is Zero!

Yesterday night I let the steam update happen as it has got some loading improvements and bug fixes. Then I started to tweak with settings of HL2 to see how to get good frame rates and reduce audio shuttering. While I was playing through suddenly I found a rendering glitch. Sun was shining through the walls as I come up from under water. It was a momentary shine so I tried a couple of times and finally got a proper screen shot.

Now I have posted this screen shot on steam forum and as you can see I have been accused of using a cracked version of the game!. It seems the cracked version of the game has AUX power always zero and red and in the screen shot I have taken it happened to be that way as I spent enough time inside water consuming all the oxygen. People simple jump to conclusions; anyway that’s how people are.


At 12/16/2004 7:36 PM, Blogger  said...

Yeah people jump to conclusion too fast.

Anyways if you knew, you could have cropped the screenshot and sent them only the glitch part (not your health).


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