Saturday, December 18, 2004

Water Water!

HL2 has got amazing in game water I have never seen before. Couple of my in game photographs :-)

(B1) Fun ride on this vehicale

(B2) Water puzzles!

(B3) You see water first time here

(B4) Cross the pool Gordon

(B5) First time water in different angle


At 12/19/2004 9:05 PM, Blogger  said...

YSC, these screenshots are awesome. There is *just too much* detail in them. I remember my firt FPS game Wolfestein 3D, which was a 640*480 ... and imagine where we've reached in graphics quality improvement.

At 12/20/2004 6:37 PM, Blogger Subhash Chandra Y said...

Yes surely graphics went too far and going further & further. It is only a matter of time we be playing games fully in CG quality.


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