Wednesday, January 26, 2005

gzip Vs bzip2

Kousik asked how does gzip and bzip2 fair in compression compared to WinAce and WinRAR. I also got curious and carried out the test on Fedora Core 3.
  • Task - Compressing TARed Valve Steam Game files
  • Size - 6.03GB
  • Compression - Best (-9)
  • gzip v1.3.3
    • Total compressed size - 3.59GB
  • bzip2 v1.0.2
    • Total compressed size - 3.34GB
  • Comparison
    • bzip2 - gzip = 256MB which is considerable but I have expected more from bzip2 over gzip
    • WinAce - bzip2 = 614MB
    • WinRAR - gzip = 788MB

Clearly WinAce and WinRAR are doing better job. Only thing is that they are not open source, I think only the file formats are open.


At 1/28/2005 12:48 PM, Blogger  said...

I think they (winxxx) use patented compression algorithms too. gzip and bzip2 don't use any, and IIRC the author of bzip2 wrote that he spent more time reading the patents than developing his algorithm, so that it can be free of any legal hassle.

At 1/28/2005 9:50 PM, Blogger Subhash Chandra Y said...

Thats right they must be using some patented algos. I guess some day some one will open up patented data compression algos for open source community following IBM and Sun's foot steps.


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