Thursday, September 16, 2004

Veggie Couple

More pictures from archive. Following pictures are from my first slide film. These two pictures have taught me how different a slide film is from a negative. You can make out these pictures are under exposed. A fill-in flash was badly needed. Again these pictures are from flower show in Lalbaugh some time last year (different from previous pictures show).

veggie women [click for original]
veggie man [click for original]


At 9/21/2004 3:03 PM, Blogger  said...

A little underexposed photo gives an impression of color saturation ;-) However, if your camera metered correctly, then there shoudln't be any difference in the exposure of slide or negative. This is possible that you have been underexposing all along, and when you printed negatives they corrected the exposure.

I used to load a ISO 100 slide and then manually set the ISO to 125; to get a deliberate underexposure, faster shutter speed and saturation of color.

Use AEB, when possible :-)


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