Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Innocent Smile

It is been a while since I have taken out my camera and shot few photographs. So I have decided to dig up my archive and share those pictures here. Most of them are not yet in digital format. Today I will start with one of my favorite pictures, a smiling baby.

babysmile [clieck for original]

This picture is shot at Rose Show in Lalabaugh(inside the glass house) some time in 2003. I had to react very quickly to take this photograph, because there was lot of crowed around and I was looking somewhere else. Pragya alerted me in time before the baby's mother moved away. The baby was smiling at Pragya (to my right).

Why I am telling is that people who have seen me taking photographs say I spend too much of time in taking one. This shows that I can take a picture quickly as well. Timing is so good that the smiling mother turning around towards us has been caught in the right of the frame. I was concentrating on the baby only after choosing setting for proper DOF and close up. For me the smiling mother makes this picture more attractive.


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