Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Maintaining correct/updated information on websites

Looks like in New Zealand a restaurant is fined for not maintaining correct information on their website, which violations their Fair Trading Act.

I wish such a law should have been there in India also. Around 99% of Indian websites carry more than 1 year old information, leading to your frustration when you want to find some information. They feel having a website is some kind of status symbol but not aware of whole and sole purpose of a website.

One of the examples is Milestone Interactive, one of the leading game distributor in India also the guys who brought PS2 to India along with PS2 games. These guys are bunch of jerks, their website always remains 1 year old and not surprisingly enough works only with IE.

There are plenty more like this, even popular Planet M etc. also have more stuff in their stores than what they show on their websites. Always visiting their store is more informative than checking it online!


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