Thursday, July 22, 2004

Firefox Tip

Today accidentally, I found this new feature(to me at least)in Firefox. Hold down the shift key and move your mouse over a link it will show the link name, size of the file the link is pointing to and the URL as small popup tool tip. Very useful in finding the file sizes you want to download.


At 7/23/2004 12:54 AM, Blogger  said...

does it happen with all links? what is shown if the link is a "javascript:" one? I hope it doesn't fetch the file when you hover. It must be doing a HEAD on it. What happens if the link you're hovering is automatically generated (by CGI), like a gif image showing last year's stock trend?

At 7/23/2004 2:16 PM, Blogger Subhash Chandra Y said...

For javascript things it says Not Found and for things it couldn't find size it says Unknown. It must be using some HTTP 1.1 feature to determine the size by fetching only headers or so. But it is really fast most of the times, you see the size instantly.


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