Saturday, July 10, 2004

Accident Yesterday

This is my first post in the Blog and it starts with an accident. This one happened on outer ring road when I am returning home yesterday. It was raining (wet conditions) so limited my self to 50kmph. A bike guy came in front from opposite direction, too late for me to realize in those poor visibility conditions applied breaks hard and tried to steer so that I can avoid the bike. Finally, hit the bike at its backside with my car's front right bumper. Good that no one was injured. But the car behind me couldn't break in time and banged into my car from behind.

I was upset and all time and was thinking about what are the things, which caused it. One of the things that annoyed me during the drive on outer ring road was the high beam used by on coming traffic on the other lane. Why people need to use high beam when there is enough lights on outer ring road? Now a days every one listens to 91FM and those guys time to time tell people not use high beam and jump lanes. Every one listens to it but just don't follow. Leave alone taxi drivers and trucks, what about well-educated guys driving those costly vehicles? Finally, I concluded that people are really don't care about others and they never learn.

The second thought was about the bike guy. Did I tell u that there is lady sitting behind him? Well looks like she got hurt on her leg a bit (no blood may be internal injury). I didn't see the action once I hit them but I think they fell on the ground. Leave alone the reasons why he crossed the road in the opposite direction of the traffic but why can't he wait and cross when no vehicles are coming? Looks like they live around that area and must be using the outer ring road every day. They know pretty well that vehicles move fast on this road and crossing awkwardly is dangerous. He can see my car and the car coming behind me then why couldn't he wait? He thinks he can pull of the trick or expects on coming traffic to watch out for him all the time and wait for him to cross? Well I can 't think of any reason except that it is a case of pure negligence. I wouldn't be surprised if he does such things again.

The third thought was about myself. Why I haven't been more careful? driving at 40kmph or less and looking out for such guys to show up in front of my wind shield? I agree that it is a mistake on my part too.


At 7/09/2004 8:11 PM, Blogger pras said...

I do agree with many of your problems, like high beam headlights, etc., I would still blame the bad road design for all these things and we also dont have a concept of lanes at least for the ring roads, wherein people driving fast can choose the fastest lane and all that stuff.

Anyways, since nothing serious happened, we must thank god and safe driving from now on.


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